BIO2 MD 02.22


biography mai duong photographer
Mai Duong… cleary highlight the feebleness of the people and things in life with a never ending search of their identity all the while doing a synthesis between mathematics abstraction and the olden animists. This approach was able to convince Dior, Vuitton, Christofle, Baccarat, Hermes…They gave their carte blanche for translating the quintessential of the know how and their creativity while the Versailles Castle trusted her with their keys.

Claude Postel,
Connaissance des Arts photo,
Novembre 2013-Janvier 2014

Modern Art Center in Geneva – Portraits between dream and reality

I photograph a woman as a landscape. I want to make her pretty and reveal her personality.

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Paris photo 2006

Mai Duong loves paper, her work is inseperable from it’s support. Like a researcher, she evolves through new impression techniques.

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Connaissance des arts numéro special photo 2014

Selected by the Connaissance des arts for the Zoom competition, for the photo fair in 2013, Mai Duong creates her images through faces and sceneries.

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